Mobile Devices & You!

At one of my client’s office every one of their employees uses notebooks. Where you used to only primarily find notebooks being used by employees in sales or those who traveled a lot, now you see a growing number of companies giving their employees mobile PCs instead of desktop PCs.

The lines are blurring between distinctions of mobile device types. Mobile phones, netbooks and notebooks are all growing in popularity in both the workplace and at home. 2010 is assuredly destined to be known as the year of the iPad and iPad like devices.

Since these devices don’t typically have what is considered “standard” screen sizes, it is important that web designers and developers design websites for their clients that look good and function correctly on all resolutions and across all browsers and operating systems.

For all of our clients, VolveMedia makes sure all browsers and operating systems are supported. VolveMedia has been working with the iPad sdk to ensure all our clients’ mobile sites are scaling correctly.

With many more iPad like devices coming out this year designer and developers will need to work hard to make sure clients’ sites are optimized for Android the iPad and the upcoming new Windows Mobile OS update.

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