Page Rank and What It Means

This will be quick and dirty. Page Rank, named after one of the founders of Google Larry Page, is a measure of authority. It’s the result of a calculation Google performs on all sites to assess it’s overall importance.

What does it mean to the normal, average person? Absolutely nothing! I have numerous clients who are often very concerned about Page Rank and consistently ask why their site’s PR is high or why it is low.

Page Rank is really not that important but is a good gauge to make sure a website is on the right track. If the PR for a website that gets heavy traffic or has numerous back links is 0 or n/a then I know that something might be wrong or that it hasn’t been indexed properly by Google.

We at VolveMedia are experts in link building and SEO. We know that some types of websites max out at a PR of 2 and getting any higher is not needed or contrary to the site’s goals.

Higher PR is not always better. PR is more like a Google pat on the back for telling you that you are on the right track or that you are doing what you should be doing.

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