Server Uptime and SEO

Recently, a client’s website was taken offline by the hosting company they were using to host their site. The client’s credit card had expired and they never received notification from the hosting company to update their info.

As a result, the client’s site was down for nearly a day before they could resolve the issue. The following day many of the client’s targeted keywords plummeted in Google. Of the roughly 15 keywords we monitoring and promote for this client, 10 of them fell 3 or more places in Google and Yahoo.

Rankings continued to fall or stay lower than average for a few days before most (not all) rebounded within the week or two.

Moral of the story is that it is crucial to the success of your online website to make sure you don’t have outages. Always keep track of your billing information and make sure your hosting company informs you anytime your website is down for any reason. Most reputable hosting companies have a guaranteed uptime of 99.8%+ and will notify you immediately of any site problems.

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