The Necessity of Google AdWords

How important is Google AdWords for your online business? To put it plainly, it’s crucial to its success.

Don’t plan on using Google Adwords? Fine! But using Google Adwords is essential to gauge how your site will perform once it reaches the top of search results for those keywords you want to rank well for. How do you do that?

Simple, really! Gather your list of keywords you have built your site around or simply just want to test and do a small campaign in Google Adwords. A budget of anywhere from $10 to $50 a day should be sufficient enough to gauge how your website will do for your keywords. Run the campaign for roughly a week and you will have some good analytics to use to gauge the kind of traffic and conversions you should get on a typical basis.

While running your Google Adwords campaign, you’ll see your website in the ad spaces in Google (the top and on the right side) for searches that are returned by those seeking information on the keywords you are testing. The analytics you will get by running a modest campaign is invaluable as it will show you impressions, hits and give you a really good estimate of just how competitive the keywords are that you are using.

Utilizing Google Adwords in this fashion will save you potentially a lot of valuable time, resources and money. If a keyword you are thinking about optimizing or promoting for doesn’t end up doing well for you in your Google Adword campaign, you can dump it and test something else.

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