A Brief Future of Flash

With the emergence of a new class of mobile devices that companies like Apple and HP have ushered in there has never been a more appropriate time to discuss Adobe Flash and it’s future.

Devices that use the Android OS and iPhone OS don’t have Flash support. Why? Well some of the reason is political and commercial but ultimately Flash is a closed, not open, standard and at times a bit of a resource hog.

Many websites today use Flash for delivering ads, videos, interactions, animations and games. With roughly 30%+ of internet users using mobile devices to browse web paves by 2013, what are websites to do about the over half of those devices that will not be Flash capable?

HTML 5 to the rescue! More developers and websites are turning to the newest standard in HTML. By this time next year all relevant browsers will support HTML 5. While most online games you play will likely stay in the Flash format for the forseable future, just about everything else will move to HTML: ads, interactions, video, etc.

VolveMedia doesn’t typically use Flash for anything else other than some animations and game development. We are a fully compliant HTML 5 development company. We cannot stress the importance of minimizing Flash. Your current and future visitors will thank you.

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