Getting Spam? Here’s a Tip to Help Stop It!

VolveMedia hears a lot of complaints about spam. Adding rules to email clients that filter based on geographic location, header info, content featuring specifics words or phrases and other routine spam fighting techniques are all good and go a long way. However, the best tool we found to use to help fight spam is make sure your websites have the following two things in place:

1. An inline contact form. This eliminates the need to have an actual email address displayed on the site and can also be setup to prevent spam before any spam attempts hit your mail box.

2. Use ASCII to represent characters. For instance, by using ASCII to render email addresses you basically eliminate most bots and spam software from reading email addresses. Here’s how it’s done:

pass an email address like into a filter like one found at and you get ASCII code to place in the HTML code instead of regular text.
try it out for yourself.

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