How’s Your Speed? Google Hopes Your Website is Fast

Matt Cutts of Google recently announced that site speed was now a major ranking factor. In the past it was well understood that two sites being equal, Google would rank the faster site higher. However, now it appears that Google weighs site speed even more importantly.

Google offers a plugin for FireFox and FireBug to assist developers in testing and optimizing sites for speed. The plugin contains detailed descriptions, reporting and how-to’s for helping out. Yahoo also has a FireFox plugin called YSlow. We at VolveMedia recommend and heavily rely on both to assist us in making sure our clients’ websites are as fast as they can possibly be. Ranking highly in search engines is important but so is making visitors’ experiences on our clients’ sites as trouble-free and stress-free as possible.

Ask your web designer or web development company what steps they are doing to ensure your site is as speedy and bug free as possible.

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