Leasing Domain Names For Your Business: Good or Bad??

I’m not going to make you wait for the answer. It’s a bad idea. A new website, rootorange.com has launched with the intent of leasing out premium domains to small businesses. In their words: “Small businesses can now lease a generic domain name they have always wanted just for their local market. ”

So, internet searchers who need, say, a mechanic in the Orlando area can simply type into their search box “mechanic” and if rootorange.com leases out one of the top websites in Google for mechanics (ex: mechanics.com) then a visitor will be able to click on mechanics.com to find a local mechanic. This is supposed to give small and personal businesses a fighting chance against the big boys, however it’s all just a gimmick.

There’s already websites out there that offer similar services. One is called yellowpages.com or directory.com that offer visitors more tailored search results including maps, reviews, coupons and more.

Lastly, using a website to “lease” a website ties you to that company and prohibits any business small or large from taking advantage of SEO for their business. One of our words of wisdom we offer to all our clients is that every business should own their own brand. That includes their own domain. You don’t lease a brand or a business name, nor should you lease your domain.

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