Should You Be Worried About Flash On Your Site?

That really all depends on what you are accomplishing with your site. Do you have a video intensive site? A site that is just a portfolio of your work? Are you not very worried about being #1 for competitive keywords? Then, no you shouldn’t worry too much about Flash.

Yesterday, I posted about site speed and how important it is to search engines, especially Google. Flash is notorious for being laggy and slow and generally slowing sites down. If your website is predominately developed in Flash then you should use the Yahoo and Google speed testing tools to assess what changes, if any you should perform on your site to ensure it is as fast as it needs to be.

If your site is in a very competitive niche and you are very worried and spend a lot of time or cash on trying to get to the top of the search engines for specific keywords, then you really should consider how Flash could be negatively impacting your website.

Any decent web design and development company can give solid, sound recommendations for switching site content and functionality over to Javascript, HTML, PHP and CSS and away from Flash. To be truthful, Google and other major search engines to NOT handle Flash very well when it comes to indexing web pages. There are various work-arounds you can perform on your site if it is Flash to help with positioning well in search engines. However, if your competitors are not using Flash and if they are positioned better than your website for specific keyword phrases, then you should seriously consider switching and maybe even completely redesigning your website using web standards, valid CSS and HTML and limiting or eliminating Flash…completely.

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