Should You Worry About Bing and Yahoo?

The short answer is…maybe. We at Volvemedia have numerous clients and the far majority of them are certainly worried about where they place in Google for relevant keywords but only a a very small number of clients say they are interested in where they place in Yahoo or Bing.

while Yahoo and Bing collectively account for over 30% of web traffic, that number does not always hold true for every website. Testing is required. If your site currently has analytics it will be fairly simple to look at exactly how much of your traffic for relevant keywords is coming from Google as opposed to relevant traffic that comes from other search engines.

If your currently do not rank well for keywords in any search engine it is still possible to test the search engines. Checking competitor websites is a key way to do this as is checking websites from all major search engines to determine which search engine is showing results from relevant keyword phrases.

As a rule though, Google generally does the best job at displaying relevant results for keywords. They have a number more spam filters than either Yahoo or Bing. However, some keywords are typically searched more in Yahoo or Bing than Google. We have one client in particular that relies on “data center” related keywords and since those keyword phrases are typically done more on Windows machines running primarily Internet Explorer, our client is more concerned with Yahoo traffic as over 50% of all traffic comes from Yahoo.

So, as a rule you should focus in Google results as well over 70% of most keyword phrases come from Google searches but testing should be performed to determine the exact percentage and your web design and seo agency should present your company with a detailed proposal of how it plans on building your presence on all major search engines.

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