Should Your Web Developer Design For Internet Explorer 6

Here’s some data for you. Roughly half of all traffic from most of the clients’ websites that we recently tested comes from visitors who use Internet Explorer. Of those using Internet Explorer, roughly 18% use Internet Explorer.

While we personally believe that percentage is skewed a bit based on the targeted visitors for the majority of our client websites that were tested (they are generally catered more for Microsoft product users), we feel that roughly 15% to 20% of Internet Explorer users are still using release version 6.

That directly translate to roughly 5% to 8% of visitors to your sites that are using Internet Explorer 6. That percentage could easily go up to 10% on occasion. So, is it worth the extra effort it often takes to make sure websites are coded properly for use in Internet Explorer? The answer is: absolutely.

We see the need to make website designs Internet Explorer 6 proof lasting until at least 2013, when it is predicted that Internet Explorer 6 will only be used on up to 3% of all web users. 3% is still a lot of traffic and there are many reasons why web developers should ignore Internet Explorer 6 when testing which I will get into in another post here. But, for the time being it is in your company’s best interest to make sure your website works properly and looks nearly identical in all major web browsers, including Internet Explorer 6.

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