the Apple iPad

Like many in my profession, I got in line early to pick up my new Apple iPad. Anyone else who is serious about web development should be extremely curious about Apple’s new device and the potentials it has.

It is estimated that by 2013 nearly 40% of all web traffic will be from mobile devices. Devices like Apple’s iPad, Microsoft’s Courier and HP’s Slate will comprise a large percentage.

The apps that will be developed and sold for these devices mark a new trend in web navigation. Many will be turning to an app to find what they need online instead of using Google. While apps will never replace Google they do represent another marketing forum and way to gain customers.

We at VolveMedia already have a number of clients who have expressed a keen interest in potentially marketing their products and services through apps.

If you are a designer or developer, now is the time to look at apps and especially the Apple iPad.

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