WordPress Hosting Companies and Reasons NOT to Use Them

The web is inundated with companies who lure prospective clients in with catchy sales pitches like “Simply the fastest & easiest way to set-up a website” and “Easy, Secure, Simple & Fast”. We’ve seen a number of clients come to VolveMedia asking for assistance on websites they have had setup using these types of dedicated internet hosting and web design companies that offer WordPress based solutions.

Overwhelmingly, we see similar complaints about these types of “premium hosting services”:

  • – Setup and payment were easy but company X offers no real support or custom solutions
  • – Picking and implementing a theme for our WordPress site was easy but we can’t switch themes or make basic changes to site layout without something breaking
  • – Hosting is included in our monthly bill but Company X won’t let us transfer our domain or host our site ourselves without a massive penalty
  • – Company X charges a lot extra for normal stuff like email or ftp access, and getting custom changes done takes forever and is really expensive

Here’s a couple of tips to help you when choosing an ideal web hosting or web design company:

  1. 1. Host or make sure YOU own and control your own domain name. Don’t let anyone else register or hold your domain name.
  2. 2. Make sure your site is hosted with a reputable and good hosting company like GoDaddy, HostGator, RackSpace, etc. Doing so will alleviate many potential headaches with site downtime and maintenance.
  3. 3. Always find out exactly (and get it in writing) how long custom work and emergency maintenance will take. If there’s an emergency or something that needs to be changed or added immediately on your website that you cannot do yourself in the WordPress admin, you’ll need to know that your web design company can accommodate your request without delay.

And as always, if you don’t have a personal rep to assist you or have your emails or calls returned within 12 hours then find another web design or web hosting company.

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