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Different Cities, Different SEO Results?

Monday, May 31st, 2010

Yes, it is generally tougher to rank highly for valuable keywords in larger markets it is also tougher. Volvemedia has a few clients in very small markets and it has been generally easy to manipulate and optimize for search engine placement.

Google is smart enough to know that a company specializing in “web design” in Winter Park, FL is not competing with other websites targeting Orlando, FL. We have numerous clients who are located in a metro area of a large city and try to optimize and promote their products/services in the local and metro areas.

We typically advise our clients to promote within the scale of the larger market. So, if your website is based out of a smaller metro area it is in your best benefit to target and market for the larger metro area.

You don’t have an address in the larger city/area? No problem. Get a P.O. Box for the sake of internet promotion and SEO and have your mail forward to your main address through the P.O. Box. This will boost your SEO for the larger metro/city area as well as help target those prospective clients/customers who specifically target businesses in certain areas and cities.

Does Having Active Google Adwords Campaigns Increase Natural Site Rankings?

Thursday, May 27th, 2010

In short, No!

Google states plainly that AdWords totally separate from their search algorithm. Google has insisted that it does not accept money for organic rankings and there are no indications to believe differently.

It seems that monthly we at VolveMedia have clients who ask us “Are you sure they don’t drop our rankings when we decrease or eliminate Adwords campaigns?” If you have the same questions about your website and using Adwords, rest assured that you are safe to change, add or eliminate Google Adwords completely without penalty.

Need a Recommendation on Professional Services? Search Twitter First!

Saturday, May 22nd, 2010

More and more people are turning to social network searches to find information on everything from products to services. Want to know more information about an online ecommerce store or find reviews on the pizza place down the street? Forget about going to their website. Instead check out what people are saying on Twitter, GoWalla, FourSquare, Facebook and other social networks.

You’ll get very recent opinions and have a direct link to discuss reviews with others.

Part of our services here at VolveMedia is to make sure our clients’ products and services are searchable both through traditional search engines but also on the major and several minor social networks. We work hard to manage our clients’ reputations online and are there to answer questions regarding our clients’ services and products.

Now that many tweets and facebook pages are being indexed by search engines it makes complete sense to take these social networks seriously and not only plan for them but to promote yourself and your business on them.

Is Google Finally Final?

Tuesday, May 11th, 2010

I’ve been keeping a very close eye on several Google data centers across the US (through the reports of other interested colleges). It appears that a large majority of these data centers are showing Google Caffeine updates.

Does that mean that it’s over? complete? final? done? …in short…it will never be over for those Google updates. Google updates their search algorithm weekly. However, yes, I do feel that the bulk of the updates that have been popularly titled “Caffeine” has been released.

I’ll be keeping an continued eye on our clients’ keywords but everything is looking very very good. We, as well as our clients, are very pleased with the results.

Color Theory and Targeting International Visitors

Sunday, May 2nd, 2010

We at VolveMedia have numerous clients who depend on visitors from other parts of the world to help make their businesses successful. Having your website be multi-lingual ready is important but so is making sure the design of your layout conveys the appropriate message to your international visitors.

Here’s a color wheel from that is a visual representation of colors and their emotional meaning in different parts of the world.