Reputation Management: Tip #1

Many potential clients come to us often proclaiming of negative information about themselves, their products and/or services. While reputation management online is not necessarily a straight forward or easy process there can be certain things to take into consideration when deciding on a strategy for handling negative feedback.

First and foremost, if you can secure the services of a good lawyer, do so. You would be surprised at just how easy it can be to let your lawyer petition a website to take down a negative comment about your services or products.

Secondly, the more involved you are online and the more you interact with existing and potential customers, the more easily you can control negative feedback.

How? If you manage the forum where people come to discuss your services/products then you are more easily able to eliminate negative feedback while promoting positive feedback. Plus, having a social presence on forums, Twitter, LinkedIn, Facebook and other large social media networks allow you to interact directly with people about your products and services and also assist to add additional links about you while pushing unmoderated, unfiltered links from other sites down on Google.

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