Does the Age of a Domain Matter in SEO?

It’s a simple question and a complicated answer. The short answer is “yes” but the long answer is that there are a myriad of factors to take into consideration when purchasing a domain.

Sometimes, purchasing an existing, already indexed domain is the right approach, if it’s a domain name you really like. But what if you are considering buying a domain name and have several pre-existing domains to choose from that you like?

There are other factors to consider when determining which domain is the best value for your money. Try to pick the domain that has the most back links. Are any of the domains indexed in popular SEO directories like BOTW or DMOZ? Has the domain ever been dropped? What’s the PR of the domain? What was on the domain before? Is the subject matter of the site in line with what you will be using the website for?

These factors and others should be considered when buying an already existing domain, if you are buying an existing one mostly for any SEO value it might have.

To surmise:

1. Make sure the domain is indexed in Google
2. Make sure the domain has back links and quality ones at that
3. It helps if the content of the site was in line with the content you want to put on the domain
4. Make sure the domain is a .org, .net or .com
5. Does the domain name make sense and do you like it??
6. Make sure the domain hasn’t been dropped or deindexed in the past

Even if all the criteria is met, sometimes registering a new domain is the right course of action. If for instance you are trying to score at the top of search engines for a certain keyword and that keyword domain is available it might make more sense to purchase a new domain with the keyword in the domain name. Doing that might just trump buying an existing domain that doesn’t have your keywords in the title but does meet several of the criteria listed above.

SEO is not easy and there are numerous factors that are involved with getting a site to rank high. It’s best to contact a consultant to assist you in everything from purchasing a domain to helping with laying out content on your site. Every little bit of SEO effort helps.

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