What is Social Bookmarking?

What is Social Bookmarking?

Social Bookmarking is an SEO technique to help increase traffic to websites as well as to obtain highly qualified back links. Social Bookmarking is in essence a very useful link building tool.

Not only does bookmarking your sites, articles, profiles, etc help get much needed traffic to your sites, it also helps get the word out to search engines about your site.

What are some good Social Bookmarking sites? A few are Digg, Stumpleupon, Propellar and Reddit which all are highly regarded on the web.

Good bookmarking sites have lots of users so whenever you are looking for a Social Bookmarking site to use to promote your site on be sure to check out what other users are saying.

As part of any successful link building strategy your SEO agency/consultant should always be using popular and high PR bookmarking sites for promotion of your websites and content.

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