A World without Social Media

A World without Social Media

A World without Social Media

Social media are media for social interaction. It is the posts from Facebook, tweets from Twitter, and stumbles from StumbleUpon that creates the interaction between users. By using these social media sites users are if they were reporters, creating news stories through their blogs or posts, and then making it viral through sharing it within their network. Without the help of these social media sites the content would probably go unseen.


Imagine a world without social networking sites such as Facebook or micromedia sites such as Twitter. The only way a person would be able to reach out to their network or friends to see what’s going on in their lives would be through text or phone. How would you be able to check on friends from high school who you may have lost contact with over the years? Unless this individual is now a famous TV star or professional athlete the only way you might see them again would probably be through an unexpected run in with them at the local grocery store or such. If there was also a special event that you wanted a group of people to know about, think of trying to reach out to them by having to talk to one person at a time. That sounds like a lot of wasted time to me.


What if you were able to catch a short glimpse of Sasquatch and actually filmed a minute of him. Of course you would want everyone to see your video of this amazing creature, but how would you do so without being able to post to YouTube or other video sites. YouTube creates an easy way to share videos across the internet that can be visible by all. After submitting the video you can also make it viral by sharing it within your social networking sites. A world without YouTube would be going back to the days where you believed everything the news said, and not really finding out the information behind the scenes.


Have you ever aspired to get a job with the company you’ve wanted to work for all of your life but did not want to seem like a pest by calling them daily about openings? Well LinkedIn gives you the opportunity to follow this company and see new jobs, new hires, and promotions within the company itself. LinkedIn also allows you to see from within your network who is connected to employees of the company and gives you a way to message that individual.


Social Media opens up an opportunity to share important information within your network. If it information related to never purchasing this product again or how awesome this article was, it gives people the information they are looking for that will help them down the road. It puts the stop to all of the bogus descriptions that some companies label on their products. People can share more opinions easier and faster. Visualizing a world without social media would relate to making poor purchase decisions and less socializing / networking.


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