Social Media?Huh, Say What? 5 Lessons to Teach the SMM Clueless!

Social Media? Huh, Say What? 5 Lessons to Teach the SMM Clueless!

Have you ever tried to explain Social Media to some traditional, offline business marketers? If you did, probably they looked at you with a blank face as if you were an alien creature for outer space! Oops, I should’ve mentioned that before the Halloween!

What if you had to explain the whole social media story to hopeless cases of technophobia playing deaf? Is there a way in hell you can get to them? You bet! Here is how…

Tell a Social Media Success Story of a Famous Person

Here is what I would say: “what if you had a new product to launch, what would be your marketing strategy? I bet you would go for TV, print ads, magazines, radio to name just a few of the ridiculously expensive options. But once you start to do the math, end of story!

What if you can get the same benefits by just sharing your new product with 7 people! Yes, you heard right! 7 people! And hey, before you start giving me the “you are insane” look, Cindy Gordon, the marketing VP at Orlando Resort, already used the 7-people-buzz magic to launch a successful campaign for The Wizarding World of Harry Potter and it worked thanks to Social Media!

Now, they are all ears and will start begging for more: pretty please teach me social media.

Now is a good time to say it all.

What are the Main components of a Successful Social Media Campaign?

1.  Blogs

Having a blog is NOT an option! It’s a must and if writing is not your cup of tea, hire a professional. You need to interact with your potential clients in a friendly way through your blog and offer them some high quality freebies. These freebies are priceless to your brand awareness if you think long-term.

2.  Let Your Readers Spread the Word

Encourage your blog readers to spread the word about your blog by offering different sharing and bookmarking options. Also give your readers a good reason to subscribe to your blog by constantly publishing quality posts.

3.  Be Socially Active

Start microblogging at Twitter, Tumblr, and Posterous and leverage other social networking sites such as Facebook, MySpace, and LinkedIn. Be active, engage in your niche network, join a group or initiate your own, and above all build relationships with your hot prospects and customers.

4.  Provide Rich Content

If you want your blog/site to stand out and grab visitors’ attention, don’t settle for plain text. Add video, audio, photos, and music to the mix. And hey, YouTube is fantastic visibility magnet.  Keep that in mind!

5.  Create a M.A.P. (Massive Action Plan)

This step is the most important of all. You need to devise a realistic SMM (social media marketing) plan in order to ensure boosting your brand awareness by maximizing your social influence.

A word of caution here: SMM rewards are not immediate but they are well worth the effort and the following staggering study says it all: 70% of U.S. based small businesses use social media. I am not a bit surprised after all! Are you?

Finally, if you felt like giving a formal definition of Social Media,this is how Wikipedia defines it:Social media are media for social interaction, using highly accessible and scalable publishing techniques.

Do you think technophobes will remain resistant to social media after all? I doubt it! Anyway, give it at shout and keep me posted. Good luck!

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