Use Social Media To Expand Your Network

Use Social Media To Expand Your Network

There is a high chance that you have heard of social media, if not you might know it as online networking. Many people might think of it as many different things, I know it as a way to boostyour list of contacts so that you can utilizeit for a abundance of things.

The reason I say this is because there is no denying the importance of social media and it will do no good to just ignore it. Knowing that your clients are online is only half the battle, knowing how to connect with them online is a totally different beast.

Imagine in these times of a slow economy, if you could have someone at your office that has little to do at certain times of the day, reach out to people that are in your industry without having to physically visit them. Behold the power of social media.

Now that we know the importance of social media, how do you learn it and how do you do it properly? Well the first thing to do is to start joining the conversations online. Once you have all this setup, do a search for all of the people you know of in your industry.

Your industry associates will have friends that are clients as well. You must make sure that in the social media world that you are not blatently trying to contact them just to sell them your product or services.

There is a saying that people work with people that they like, and this also is true online. So the best thing to do is build the realationships and in time when people need what it is you do, your chances of getting their business and referrals from them will be exponentially increased.

Another thing you will want to do is share information about your industry that you think will help your followers in their business. One way to keep in touch and active with your friends and followers is to keep active, by providing quality information to your friends regularly. You don’t want to overwhelmthem with information, just give enough to stay current in their minds. A good gauge of how much information you should provide is to maybe do a couple updates a day, but don’t be the person that is constantly sending information about everythig you are doing.

If all of this sounds like a road that you don’t want to venture down, there are professional social media consulting firms in a lot of big cities in the United States. One team that does a good job at the process is found here at Orlando Social Media Consultants.

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