Where can I find a really good Web Designer in Orlando, FL?

Question by kattyoxoxo: Where can I find a really good Web Designer in Orlando, FL?
I need a web designer in the Orlando area to design a website for a new production company. I would like an extremely creative person with a portfolio and approximate costs for services. Thanks!

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Answer by mike
It is going to be hard to find someone to answer your question here because if you ever check yahoo answer search you will see there isn’t many questions or answers for Florida (odd enough) even harder in locations as I go through this myself.

I live in Fort Lauderdale, as a webmaster for my family business and I do take on freelance projects. I do web design, programming in mysql/php, and graphic design set up ecommerces. I have an email in more profile if you would like to ask me any questions at all.

Best to explain what kind of production company and the expected work. Like what kind of website are you looking to create whether it be dynamic (control content) or static.

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  1. Test M says:

    I live and work in Ocala and currently I am creating a website for an Orlando company:
    (alot of people don’t seem to like this dark layout, but the client was very specific)

    You should check out my website for examples of my finished work.

    Very difficult to say what approximate cost would be but I suppose in general, an 8 to 10 page informational website would cost around $575
    this includes custom design of visual assets as well as basic search engine optimization.
    Also important is that this includes creation of a content management system which will allow you to update your website with no HTML through a simple to use backend

    You should be prepared to supply whichever web designer you chose some well-written info about what you want to say. The designer will probably need to rewrite and enhance this info for search engine optimization purposes but remember that the web designer only knows what you tell him about your business.