10 SEO Tips To Get Free Traffic To Your Web Site

10 SEO Tips To Get Free Traffic To Your Web Site

10 SEO Tips To Get Free Traffic To Your Web Site

Search engines are by far one of the best methods to get free traffic as 99% percent of online users will start hunting down the information they’re after with a quick google search, or any other search engine for that matter. Therefore, if the Search Engines (SE) can’t actually relate your site to a topic, then your time is waisted. Here are ten tips to make sure that doesn’t happen to you.

* As the saying goes, “content is king” so be sure that what you right is valuable,  unique and centred around some of the most common keywords and current topics within your niche.

* Your page and post titles, along with the first and last paragraphs ideally need to contain the keywords you’re going after. If possible they should also be spread out evenly across your content. However, never keyword load your content so that is doesn’t read and flow properly.

* Before writing you content, use a free keyword tool to identify the most common searched keywords related to your topic/niche and centre your content around them. Is is often better to start by not going after the mega competitive ones.

* Targeting the same keywords on a consistent basis will help ensure you get maximum exposure for your site and content. Be sure to keep a list of the ones your going after for easy reference in the future.

* Keep your site design simple so that your customers can navigate easily between web pages, find what they want and buy products and services. If a visitor can’t actually work out what you site is about, chances are the search engines won’t be able to either.

* For SE identification submit all pages to the major SEs. This can easily be done manually by yourself, or you could hire someone to do it for you. Just make sure it’s a manual submission service as the automated ones are often worthless cons.

* Keep a mindful eye on what your top competitors are doing and changing across their site. This will give you useful insights into how to update your site to keep your SEO up to date.

* Knowing where your traffic is coming from is a must in order for you to use your time productively. Your web hosting company should be able to provide you with these stats. Simply cut what’s not working and put more time into what is.

* Make your customers visit easy and give them plenty of ways to remember you in the form of newsletters, free reports, and a little life story about you.

* Search engines think highly of regularly updated sites so be sure to update it on a daily basis with related content. Think of your web site as a store that’s constantly adding to it’s stock to attract new customers.

Laying the foundations to to get free traffic to your web site through SEs is key, while these are only the basics you can be sure that every top web page has them in check before even thinking about mastering the more advanced methods, and so should you.

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