Global Resorts Network Team Summit Event 2009 Orlando Fl 843-270-5611 Global Resorts Network Leader Debbie Turner attended the GRN Team Synergy event in Orlando Florida. The event was held at the Orange Lake Resort with over 1000 acres of things to do. Behind the property is Disney’s animal kingdom. The Orange Lake Resort is one of the properties listed in the registry of resorts for Global Resorts Network. Speakers for the GRN event were Mark Hoverson on internet marketing basics, Debbie Turner on personal branding and using “My Story Marketing”, Steve Schuitt & Ryan Dunn on Social Media marketing, Jamison Herdrich on ad copy, and Dan Spransy on SEO. In the past, this group of Global Resort Network leaders and Global Resorts Sponsors have been hot air ballooning in Colorado, horseback riding in Arizona, Bicycling across the Golden Gate Bridge in California as well as toured the beautiful wine country in Sonoma Valley. They’ve played in Las Vegas and Orlando and each member truly looks forward to this time of connecting. Global Resorts Network offers the home based business entrepreneur the opportunity to generate 00 commissions on each platinum membership sold. Not only that, but the Global Resorts Affiliate also receives a matching 00 bonus every time one of their personally sponsored team members make a platinum sale. Global Resorts is a highly leveraged income opportunity. In terms of the product, Global Resorts offers over 5000 locations worldwide for members to stay. Benefits of being a member of

Eddie Diaz, Business Event Producer an CEO of Encore Creations will be speaking along with evolveALOUD at the Insider’s Circle July29th at the Orlando Chamber of Commerce. Learn to uses events, SEO, Online Video& Social Media for your business
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5 Responses to “Global Resorts Network Team Summit Event 2009 Orlando Fl”

  1. mrsspence1 says:

    Debbie, great fun laughed out loud. Let’s do it again…. :)

  2. dunnston1 says:

    I love it! Debbie you are a rock star for sure. There is so much we can all learn from you.

  3. InfoSourceMentoring says:

    What a blast in Orlando Debbie! It was like visiting Baskin Robbins with a spoon – great new friends, over the top business tips, and beautiful Orange Lake Resort. I cannot wait to tackle that hammock again!! :-)

  4. affiliateburn says:

    Hey Debbie! Excellent vid, I wish I could have been there… would have been a great birthday present to myself! Ho hum..

    I’m making plans to attend the next one regardless!

    Keep Rockin’!

  5. DanRazumoff says:

    That sure was fun Debbie :) It was great to spend some time with you again !!!