Local SEO Important Checklist

Local SEO Important Checklist

Local SEO Important Checklist

You finally decided you turn to web marketing for change and hope that it will help improve your local business. However after several months of doing SEO, you just do not seem to be successful. Is your local SEO tactic not working?

There is a huge difference when you talk about local SEO. For one, local SEO is all about target market, specifically focusing on geography and how keywords should function together with location. This way, local clients and customers can find a specific business in their area by through search engines. By specifically optimizing a geographical keyword or list of keywords, local business can also compete and get a lot of possible market online.

Unlike SEO in general, local SEO keyword research should include geography plus the keywords your target audience are looking for in the first place. Such keywords examples are “Florida SEO” or “Orlando Real Estate”. These are geographical keywords that can help your business be found on the pages of search engines.

Below are tips you can use to help you improve with local SEO:

1. Get your local business listing listed on major search engines like Google, Yahoo, Bing and Local. If you claim your website as your business, search engines will trust you more and index you successfully in the future.

2. Try submitting your website to major data providers like Localeze, InfoUSA and Acxiom. These are also major search engines players next to the first 4 mentioned above. Once you also get listed here, your site will soon be available to all major search engines that can drive traffic from your website.

3. There are a lot of local third party listing and directories. You should be able to get listed on these websites as well. Just make sure that you are properly listed to the right category in order to be found. Also, make sure you update your listing too so search engines can also index these pages from directories and listing. All contents from your website as well as other third parti sites should be the same to avoid confusion.

4. Double check your business information. You should be abl to be consistent with your information especially with business information. It is essential that you retain one format and content to all the sites you submit information to so major search engines will not be confused in the first place.

5. Make sure that you only apply basic html to crucial information o your site such as address, business name, phone number and email address. Search engines will be able to index a site easily when information is out into simple text and format. A programmer is essential to do this correctly.

Local SEO is very effective when done properly. Just make sure that you are able to do the checklist above for a start. Getting indexed by search engines is very important as this will determine the success of your business. S go ahead and try the suggested tips above to start making your local SEO tactic effective.

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