Q & A: Questions about Full Sail University and what to do next.?

Question by kaelang : Questions about Full Sail University and what to do next. I’m looking Writing going to Full Sail in Orlando (online course) for a bachelor’s degree in Web Design. I have a general idea of the cost, but I have a few questions.How’s Their accreditation hold up? Will my education from Full Sail be worth the cost?Also, I filled out a Fasfa4caster, but I’m not sure Where to go next. Should I Apply to Full Sail first, then finish off my FASFA? Also, a willing student loan (And Which student loan) Will cover my expenses? The FASFA Thing Has A few loans, but I’m not sure Which is Which and what to do. I’m really confused. = SWill Be Any assistance much appreciated. Best answer: Answer by

It’s always confusing, go to your financial aid office and ask an adviser to help you out. Thats what I did!

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  1. Oliver Winston says:

    The full sail accreditation is excellent and they have many people working in the industries they teach.

    Only you can determine if the cost will be worth it, do you need the full sail education to get the job you want? If so, you shoud go for it.

    The student loans should cover everything as long as you have a full understanding of the total costs, you may wanna see this site for more info: