Q&A: How much of a raise should I ask for?

Question by ??~? Animal Lover ?~??: How much of a raise should I ask for?
I am a graphic designer/desktop publisher for a huge power equipment distributor in Orlando, FL. I have a BA in design and just under 10 yrs of experience. I was hired at k which was fine at the time but now with the rising costs of gas and food, I really need a raise.

I have gone above and beyond what they expected of me, totally changing their visual presence and have even completed a web site (which is NOT in my job description, but I did it anyway to prove that I can handle anything). Upper management has expressed over and over again how glad they are that I came on board and I know I have great job security. I won’t get fired just for asking for more money so I’m gonna go for it. I feel that I am underpaid. I mean, I know this company has money, people are driving cadillacs and corvettes for god’s sake.
I’m going in to ask for a raise tomorrow (Friday) and I was wondering what is a good amount to ask for. My husband says to ask for at least an extra 0-0 a week. Is that too much? I lose about that amount every week out of my check just for taxes and insurance. I need to make some of that up because my take home pay is rediculous.

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Answer by jolyth_a
Just remember that the more you make, the more that Uncle Sam takes. Standard raises in private companies are 3-5%. 5% works out to an additional 1650/year which is not a lot. I would ask for 7.5 -10% of your base salary which is 2500+/year.

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2 Responses to “Q&A: How much of a raise should I ask for?”

  1. arctanx says:

    You are definitely underpaid. I’m in Orlando too, and honestly, with your experience and degree, and what I know about the area, I think you should be at close to double what you’re making now.

  2. Kori says:

    You make roughly around the equivalent of say $55,000 – $58,000 a year in Australia. That’s how much I would get if my day job wasn’t job share and I don’t have that experience or a degree.

    Anyways as for them appreciating you, what I learned from experience is money talks :0).