SEO Tips For Local Business

SEO Tips For Local Business

SEO Tips For Local Business

The purpose of SEO for local businesses is to establish a marketing tactic online with the products and services marketed strategically to local markets. With this purpose, local SEO is all about targeted keywords.

Unlike SEO in general, local SEO keyword research should include geography plus the keywords your target audience are looking for in the first place. Such keywords examples are “Florida SEO” or “Orlando Real Estate”. These are geographical keywords that can help your business be found on the pages of search engines.

After establishing your target keywords, you should also be able to start developing a website with individual pages that will support each brick and mortar location. The keywords you have established should also be reflected in the ff. areas:


You should also be able to write some good and quality contents to all pages to be able to also make traffic to these pages and at the same time also make your pages crawl search engines pages. You may also add photos to make online reading worth enticing. Just make sure when you include photos, be able to include text name, describing your photo. Doing this also adds importance with regards to indexing your pages by search engines.

Adding a site map to your website is also essential. This is called on-page optimization, making inter linking strategy with proper keywords partnered to specific pages. Regional tagging is also a must since this will tell search engines that you take emphasis regionally or geographically.

A very important online marketing SEO tactic for local businesses is to make use of Google Map or Yahoo local. These two tools prioritize local business and usually appear on top off search queries. But if you are interested n doing this, make sure you have included the following in your listing:

-Target keyword
-Company name
-Description with important keywords on it
-Photo or video
-Tracking banner where you can track the effectiveness of your listing

For starters on local SEO, you can come up with effective strategy by going into local websites or hosts. Such sites can be local directories. Get your business listed on local directories. You can also search for websites that cater to reviews. Get your business there also. There are a lot of free ways to do local marketing online. You just have to remember to target specific keywords and optimize them. For as long as you concentrate on this, you will be able to get the right traffic and convert them to high sales. The Internet has really paved way to online ads and companies are taking advantage of this.

Remember, local SEO should be targeted. You should start targeting your market by choosing the right keywords with location. There are a lot of ways to do local SEO all you need is to make sure that you only target market interested on your business by combining geography and targeted keyword/s. Doing the right SEO can lead your business and goals in the right track. Good luck!

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