Social Media Client Interview with Orlando Darden

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Ananda Leeke TV featuring Orlando Darden, Jr.., founder of Body Fit DC – -. Orlando shares why he selected as Ananda Leeke His social media coach consistently His coaching session on May 14, 2010, at Starbucks on 16th and U Street, NW Washington, DC. Visit http Orlando to follow on Twitter. Youc follow an Ananda on Twitter – or visit for more information. Video Rating: 0 / 5 Twitturly, or Twitt (url) y is a new site Twitter That scans and looks for links people are talking about the wine. It then themself assemblies failure ITS home page – making this a really great writing news source. Twitt (url) y HAS got the Same appeal as Digg community, but without the need to Actually go out and vote on something. INSTEAD, just Twittering about a subject and giving the URL is Considered a vote, and the more links, the more it rises. Kind of like how therapists Google PageRank algorithm in ITS. If You Want The Same Thing or child, but only for tech news, you-can head on over to Twit Links and get an Aggregated set of links built for the latest news in technology. The web design at is sparse, but powerful, giving you up to date news the minute it was twittered. Then there’s smashing feeds, a site That mashes up content from Twitter and tons of That Other places offering an RSS feed. It’s free, and it just doesn? requirement to start a log Using the features. You just point and click and view, wandering around and soaking in all that Web 2.0 news. Next, if you are a book lover and The Same for power or Delicious or Digg for your personal library, check out the social site called LibraryThing. It Help You “almost all or catalog your books for free, and you-can carry on conversations with people who have The Same books. If you have a lot of books, you-can just buy a scanner and have your Video Rating: 4 / 5

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    Brad! You rock! Always a wealth of information! I loved that information about LibraryThing – so cool with being able to buy a scanner and then begin conversations with people who have the same books. This could be very hot! I am a big fan of this social revolution that is coming. Will continue to follow you! Great work – thanks for being remarkable!

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    We need to see more of these………thanks bro.