Maxwell-Bad Habits (Orlando Dixon)-Maxwell Series

Download my original song: “Fall in Love with Me”: Rendition of Maxwell “Bad Habits” from the NEW album BLACKsummer’snight…GO GET IT NOW!!! (PS I’ll have the words together for the next one! Memorization of lyrics..need to put that at top of my to-do list when I do these vids!) ENJOY!!! ORLANDO DIXON MIXTAPE COMING IN SEPTEMBER: “In My Element” Website! Myspace! Facebook Club! Twitter! SUPPORT & SUBSCRIBE!!!!!! SUPPORT & SUBSCRIBE!!!!!! SUPPORT & SUBSCRIBE!!!!!! SUPPORT & SUBSCRIBE!!!!!! SUPPORT & SUBSCRIBE!!!!!!
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This group meets Wednesdays this summer at This session was led by the talented Elizabeth and Matt G. Polling the audience via text.
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22 Responses to “Maxwell-Bad Habits (Orlando Dixon)-Maxwell Series”

  1. jackiedoris says:

    This is amazing!! What are the chords? I’ve been looking all over for them?

  2. Muzikal1ne says:

    love love loveeee this.

  3. jerrybb4 says:

    this cold man.. keep doin yo thang

  4. pinalazelle says:

    I really really like your voice. I wish that I could play the piano. :) Anywho… Great job!

  5. JaznDevyne says:

    Sang baby! Soooooo talented!

  6. Drog311 says:

    very good my dude!

  7. MegaPoloswagg says:

    This is realli AWESOME!!!!!

  8. imsobomb101 says:

    if you tell her no . . can we get married ? lol i literally just fell in love with you within these past 4 minutes and 25 seconds . you’re amazing :)

  9. slimazz says:

    Wow, can we get married?! lol…you did an excellent job with this song.

  10. TheVsofly says:

    gud job

  11. star2u318 says:

    You are very talented! Good work!

  12. msflybly says:

    OMG!!!!!!!! I love your rendition! You have a beautiful voice!!!! I love it! Keep it up!!

  13. MsHyphii32 says:

    My favorite video of urs!

    @Janae =’D

  14. MsHyphii32 says:


    @Janae =’D

  15. MsTinkabell13 says:

    OMG!! u r soooo good u almost sound lyk him a little ur soo good OMG!! ur going on mii fav..,,

  16. cookiepuss65 says:

    great job!!!

  17. fulljax says:

    The Best cover of this song on Youtube, Hands and I have watched and commented on all of them. Expertly done, Its hard not to let a song of this difficulty not determine how you sing and make it impossible to make it your own, U managed to make it yours and for that I appluad you

  18. JoJayfina says:

    Work it son! sweet new fan! Make me feel like apple pie! hahah

  19. gangstaboo81016 says:

    THiS iZ B3AUTiFUL .!

  20. TheDivaB says:

    ooooh!!! I like you!!! Your a great singer, keep up the good work.

  21. ReddMusic says:


  22. ajahni says:

    What are the chords to bad habits?