A Full Microsoft Expression Web “quartz” Review

A Full Microsoft Expression Web “quartz” Review

Microsoft Expression Web, “QUARTZ”, is a professional HTML editor and web design program by Microsoft. It is part of the Expression Studio suite that replaces Microsoft FrontPage. Expression Web will run with Windows XP Service Pack 2 and newer versions of Windows. Microsoft Expression Web design software supports XHTML, CSS, XML and W3C accessibility; and works well with Expression Studio and Visual Studio.

Microsoft Expression Web is mainly used by professional web designers. The layout may be too complicated for a beginner designer to understand. Expression Web lacks the tutorials and help for beginners that FrontPage offered. Those who are beginners to making web pages may find CSS and XHTML very confusing.

If you’re an experienced designer, you may find Microsoft Expression Web to be an excellent replacement for FrontPage. Expression Web makes CSS very approachable. CSS is the default language for any site that you begin with Microsoft Expression Web. The IntelliSense function lets you type just a letter or two to select a specific option, and you can drag small “snippets” from one of the many palettes directly onto your page to add with other components.

Expression Web’s support for XML and Extensible Stylesheet Language Transformations may also be welcoming additions for experienced designers. It offers the ability to drag and drop links to dynamic XML data into your pages so they can be formatted easily to the web. Although small business or personal sites don’t necessarily require XML today, there’s a good chance they will in a few years from now with the way things are going with XML.

Microsoft Expression Web is about 0 cheaper than Adobe Dreamweaver, and this is a welcome price for those who are experienced with CSS and XML. There are still a few lingering FrontPage features here and there with Microsoft Expression Web, but for the most part it is a giant upgrade.

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