How I ended up writing about Orlando-Florida?

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How I ended up writing about Orlando-Florida?

How I ended up writing about Orlando-Florida?

And then went on to create this website

Hello, my name is John Allsopp; I’m fifty five and live in the North East part of England. I’m a Telecommunications Engineer by profession but my real passion is Traveling, especially to Orlando-Florida, to enjoy its superb mix of highly entertaining theme parks, including “Walt Disney World”, Sea world and “Universal Studios”.

I write and publish articles about Orlando and Walt Disney land for a living, using the income to travel to my favorite place on earth, which is Orlando Florida. Yes, writing and describing my visits pays my wages and travels to the U.S.A.

Many ex colleagues envy my new life style away from the hectic world of Radio communication. They all tell me how they would dearly love to visit America; however their jobs or lack of money restrict this possibility.

Deterioration in my health, “it happens to some when you get on a bit”, put severe restraints on the type of work I can do. But being an Engineer I solved the work issue, I now work from the comfort and convenience of my back bedroom, you can too. How?

Read my story

Ill health need not be a bad thing!

Yes I do miss the Radio Industry. But travel is my passion. Health problems do make you think hard about your life, but as you will see as you read on, problems are just solutions waiting to be found.

I worked hard at attaining radio and electronic qualifications. I still enjoy building radio receivers and transmitters for use within the amateur radio spectrum.

Lynn, my partner and I have enjoyed the many super attractions in Orlando over many years, but ill health cut this short after I found out that hypertension would curtail my Radio Engineering employment.

After a short while and several months studying the core issues of how to start your own business. Things started to look up! however after several failures doing what I thought was right i.e. listening to local business advisers and having someone else build your website, I found out the hard way that there are a lot of academics out there, who lack hands on tangible experience of what they preach!

The best business decision I have made.

Probably I wouldn’t have set out on this particular avenue on my own, if health issues hadn’t played a particular role in my career development, I would have just stuck to what I was doing i.e. Radio Engineering and kept the travel passion in the background. But, if at first you don’t succeed keep on trying, I did that, constantly searching the internet for information, after all it is the Information highway!

There is one sure way to know something, do it, knowing comes from doing!

I looked long and hard at what others had taught about the how’s and why’s of business building, by this time I hade worked my way through a couple of government grants, some paid for the outright creation of websites, when I look back on this information and the failures I know why things didn’t work out, they were floored from the beginning, so much for listening to what I thought was professional business guidance.

Determination and patience.

By this time I had no full time job. Traveling to Orlando seemed so far away and I did wonder if the opportunity to travel would ever present itself again!

But a few years down the line here I am working for myself and doing what I love best, which is writing and passing important and interesting information on to others about my passion for travel. Orlando and its appeal are now seen as light at the end of the tunnel.

Setting goals:-

I decided to research and find out all about e-commerce, what it is, why it is so important for the future, and how to put it into action! I t might sound daunting but its not, don’t get overwhelmed by all this just nibble your way through the information one small bite size proportion at a time and you will get there. Life is for doing the things you like most’ it’s not out of your reach, think positively, remember how you couldn’t ride a bike? no that’s right ! You only remember how to do it. It was hard work. But you got there!

The solution to the problem.

Problems are solutions! They are just presented in a different way. I often wonder why it took me so long to find out what I like doing best and how to do it, and earn a wage from doing so.

My passion is traveling to Orlando, do you have a passion? You can do what I am doing, turn your hobby knowledge, skill know how, your area of expertise….what ever makes you really happy; you can even start off by doing it in your spare time!

Art was my interest for the other websites I talk about, I realized after a while that it takes time and a great deal of effort to break into the very competitive world of fine art.

Searching the World Wide Web, looking for information on travel information and how one presents it to readers I discovered a company called SBI…

SBI stands for Site Build It! It helps you by very easy manageable steps to turn your hobby knowledge, passion for a subject or place into a viable doable internet business. At this stage you probably don’t realize you have knowledge that someone else is searching for, your knowledge can be turned into a website from which you will earn money.

Building websites, I thought experts did that, requiring many years of study to crack in depth mathematics and highly developed procedures, how wrong you can be, this website was built with SBI…anyone can do it. If we can you can!

Forget those who doubt you! Prove you can do it! Adopt a we can do it attitude, have a go.

You don’t need programming skills

With the SBI method of building a website you don’t need programming or web design skills, you do not need a product of your own to sell. All you need is a little bit of BAM, brain and motivation! SBI worlds only e-commerce self study course that delivers success!

SBI provides you with all the tools you will ever need, they take you by the hand one small step at a time and teach you step by step how to use the tools provided.

Their programme helps you find the perfect topic for you to build a website, how to get traffic to visit it, how to make money from it, no matter what your subject may be.

Please have a look at the VIDEO TOUR to get an idea of how the system works, if you have dial up try the QUICK TOUR.


Here are some Case-studies

Then look at this:-case studies, websites built by ordinary people just like you and me. All these sites are in the top 1% of the most successful website on the internet.

There are an amazing amount of different topics there; people have turned those ideas in to profitable websites with SBI

Do you love to travel? Create a travel website

“Orlando Florida”, was started in April of 2010, after just a few weeks I can see traffic coming and building each day, I will probably make money within the next six months from my enterprise. All I’m doing is writing about something which I enjoy, it is helping people make decisions, how better could things be?

Maybe I’ll put my next trip to Orlando down as a business expense, it is allowed because market research is a tax deductible exercise!

Do you have a Business? No time to build a successful website?

No problem, SBI will build you a website with all the features built in, so you can concentrate on building your existing enterprise with the benefit of having a completely optimized E-Commerce website which will drive more customers to you!

Work at your own pace-with bite size instructions

Yes you have to do the work, but it’s not a race, do it at your own pace. Think about what you are doing, whatever you do and love never seems to feel like work. Start off doing it in your spare time; you are in the driving seat.

Remember SBI is totally risk free! SBI gives you a full money back guarantee. They are happy for you to try it out.

How will I make money? Advertising via Google ad sense. You probably see adverts on the web down your browser’s right-hand side, well these will go onto my website, and every time someone clicks into the advert I will earn a commission.

With SBI you will learn the many other ways to earn money from your website:- create your own e-goods, which are electronic books that people down load, you could sell other peoples products for a commission, even get paid for referrals and much more. SBI shows you how to do it all.

Readers of my website have emailed me to tell me how they have been inspired by how I came to use SBI as a solution to a problem, the problem being earning money from something that you really love to do: you to could escape the dreaded 9to5 job, travel the world or do what you have dreamed of doing!

If I can, you can, wait no longer! Give it a go!Try SBI!

You never know, twenty years down the line you may have a business that not only supports you but your entire family!

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