Orlando’s Dinner Attractions

Orlando’s Dinner Attractions

Orlando’s Dinner Attractions

Medieval Times

Get ready to be blasted into the past with the Medieval Times Dinner Show.  It recently celebrated its 25th anniversary in North America and now you can see this highly successful, entertaining, and festive show live in Orlando. It embraces the experience of medieval celebrations, taking you back to the time of King Arthur and his royal table. 

This attraction is inspired by the true medieval tradition of royal families inviting their guests to feast and watch knights compete on horseback.  You are personally invited as a guest of the king.  Sit back and enjoy the horseback jousting competition from the comfort of your stadium seating view.  There is never a bad seat in the house.  Divided up in to several sections, you will be assigned to a particular knight.  Cheer him on as loud and a proud as you like as he battles it out for the heart of the princess. 

As you view the competition from your stadium view, you will be treated to a feast fit for a king. Guests will be able to dine on garlic bread, tomato bisque soup, roasted chicken, spare ribs, potatoes, and pastries. A vegetarian meal is also available, upon request.  Drinks are included and include coffee, two rounds of select beverages and a full-cash bar is available to your every need. 

With exceptional equestrian skills, swordsmanship, hand-to-hand combat, acting, costumes, and pageantry, you will feel as if you are back in the past.  Authentic costumes and weapons are used throughout the show and it is as if you have never left the medieval times.  Even the horses are the same authentic breed that were used in the medieval times. Medieval Times uses Quarter Horses, Friesians, Menorcans, and Spanish Andalusians (the horses originally used by medieval royalty). 

Arabian Nights Dinner Show 

Explore a magical story filled with fantasy, romance, and adventure at Arabian Nights. Voted the number one dinner show in Orlando, Arabian Nights unfolds a fairy tale right before your eyes, set in a 140,000 square foot indoor climate controlled equestrian arena, which is the largest in the world. Watch as the expert riders perform incredible feats astride magnificent stallions, all the while enjoying a sumptuous feast fit for an Arabian prince. 

In Arabian Nights, the entire audience is invited to celebrate the birthday of the beautiful Princess Scheherezade.  However, the party is threatened when an unexpected guest arrives.  In order to save the day, the princess’ genie must summon the power of the Black Stallion.  Love will fight to overcome evil in this classic, touching tale of a princess and her prince that combines the glamour of Broadway, the adventure of the West, and the excitement of Ancient Rome. 

The Black Stallion is the star of Arabian Nights, Walter Farley’s famous horse that has starred in several films and a television series.  Along with 65 other horses from around the world, including several Arabian and Andalusian horses, 40 incredible performers put on a unique spectacle in this one hour and thirty-minute production. Twenty-two distinct acts transition into each other flawlessly, with incredible spectacles such as a Chariot Race from ancient Rome, square dancing cowboys, and gypsies performing daredevil stunts. 

Enjoy a sumptuous meal fit for a king at Arabian Nights.  This four course feast includes: 

Fresh vegetable lasagna, green garden salad, New York steak strips, Chicken tenders, grilled chicken breast, Black Angus steak, Garlic mashed potatoes, Fresh vegetable medley, rolls with butter, unlimited house beer, wine and soft drinks, a delicious slice of the princesses wedding cake. 

Pirates Dinner Adventure

Ahoy Mateys, and welcome to Pirates Dinner Adventure.  Jump aboard and follow us on a swashbuckling dinner adventure to the high seas.  Enjoy the talented cast and a meal fit for a king, as you watch the colorful story unfold right before your eyes. 

At Pirates Dinner Adventure, you do not just watch the show; you are put right into the action.  Enter the lagoon, where your pirate ship and team captain await you.  As we set sail out on to the high seas, cheer on your team captains and teammates as they battle for the fight of good and evil, all with one goal in mind, the pirate’s booty.  Interact with the crew in pirate games, songs, and challenges.  Acclaimed as “the world’s most unique interactive dinner show,” you will be amazed by the incredible sword play, aerial artists, and acrobatics.  It is a perfect show for all ages, even the little ones will be able to get involved in all of the fun.

Following the pre-meal pirate party, enjoy the show as you wine and dine on the delectable meals provided by your friendly and hospitable wait staff.  With salad, a chicken or seafood option for your entrée, dessert, wine, and beer, you will leave the show both happy and full.

Polynesian Luau 

The Makahiki Polynesian Luau dinner show is one of the most exciting and memorable attractions in Orlando. In addition to flaming fire, traditional Hawaiian music, and spectacular performances, guests are also served a delicious full course meal.  

While on your Florida vacation, spend an evening being whisked away to gorgeous Hawaii, with cultural music, dance, and a full course meal.  The authenticity of this dinner show is impossible to beat, and a must do for all vacationers, young and old. 

The Makahiki Luau Polynesian Feast and Celebration at SeaWorld Florida is held nightly in the “Luau Terrace,” a non smoking, air conditioned dining room inside the park. 

If you are coming to Florida for the tropical atmosphere, kick it up a notch by sitting in on the Makahiki Luau Dinner Show at Sea World. A volcanic eruption is about the only thing missing in this authentic Hawaiian atmosphere.

The celebration of man’s co-existence with the earth and sea takes place at the Seafire Inn. Guests at the luau are greeted by Hawaiians and then whisked away to the faraway island Hawaii through spectacular entertainment.  

Guests will learn about the history, customs, music and dance, costumes, culture, and cuisine of the Pacific Islands.  Lucky audience members might get a chance to learn to hula on stage when the Polynesian Hula Dancers take the stage to the rhythmic sounds of live Hawaiian music.  However, no audience member will want to be on stage once the fire dances begin. 

As if that wasn’t exciting enough, guests are served a full course meal of authentic Hawaiian food. The exotic menu of tropical delights at Sea World’s Polynesian Luau finalizes your exciting journey to Hawaii.  Guests are served family style so they can really dig in to a full course meal of tropical salad and fruit plate, Mahi Mahi in Piña Colada Sauce, Sweet and Sour Pork, Hawaiian Chicken, rice, vegetable medley, seasonal dessert, the usual beverages, and one complimentary cocktail. 

It’s no wonder the Polynesian Luau at Sea World is hailed as one of the best dinner shows in Orlando. The fantastic dancers, unforgettable music, and delicious Hawaiian cuisine create an experience you don’t want to miss.

Capone’s Dinner and Show 

Somewhere along Highway 192 in Kissimmee, you will find an innocent ice cream parlor. However, as with so much in the Orlando area, there’s more here than meets the eye. For you see, the ice cream parlor is really just a front for a speakeasy, Prohibition style. Yes, we’ve gone back in time again to 1930s Chicago, where the action owes a lot to Damon Runyon via Guys and Dolls and the Chicago accents sound straight out of Brooklyn. 

Capone’s Dinner & Show is a cheerful mishmash of Broadway show, nightclub cabaret, sketch comedy, revue and all you can eat Italian buffet style.  Dinner includes the usual soft drinks, plus beer, sangria, and rum runners. In addition, there’s a cash bar for serious drinkers. 

The fun begins when you arrive and pick up your tickets at the box office. You are instructed to knock three times at the secret door and give a password.  Then you get in line outside, where black-vested waiters warm up the crowd with the wisecracking rudeness that is to become the evening’s hallmark.  So be forewarned – do not wear garish tourist garb unless you can take some good natured ribbing. 

Once the show is ready to begin, each party is led to the secret door, knocks three times, and gives the password, and they don not let you in until you get it right. Once inside, you are in a spacious nightclub with a large stage.  

The waiters, with names like Babyface take drink orders and keep up a cheerful patter laced with film noir gangster patois. Much of the seating is in long rows of tables, so you will have a chance to talk with the folks on either side of you.  It’s a great fun way to get an idea of the wide cross section of types and nationalities drawn to Orlando. 

The show, which revolves around two pairs of star crossed lovers, freely borrows plot elements from Guys and Dolls, Some Like It Hot, and any number of old gangster movies. Best of all is the kewpie doll leading lady, dumb and delicious, with a voice that would shatter fine crystal. The cast relies heavily on intentionally bad jokes and audience interaction to generate laughs. More often than not they succeed. Throw in some leggy chorines, a bit of torch singing, and a better than average buffet dinner and you have a winning combo that has stood Orlando’s test of time.  It’s hard not to like this bunch, even if they don’t always shoot straight. 

WonderWorks Magic Show 

At Wonderworks, there is an interactive attraction in the upside down house. 

Every night, in a small 130 seat nightclub like room at the back of Mazzarella’s Pizzeria, you can see a one hour show featuring some truly first rate performers.  The show changes from time to time, sometimes called Shazam, sometimes called Night of Wonder or The Outta Control Magic Comedy Dinner Show, but the basic formula remains pretty much the same, whether the accent is on Vegas-style razzle dazzle or broad comedy.  Most shows progress from standard playing card and ball tricks to some truly amazing stunts.  Often you will see some personal object borrowed from an audience member get smashed or burned beyond recognition only to reappear in perfect condition elsewhere.  Some tricks involve elaborate contraptions in which the stars are locked and sometimes chopped, sliced, and diced (or so it would seem). 

There is great emphasis placed on audience involvement, with pride of place given to the youngsters, whose sense of awe and wonder is evident in their fresh faces.  Adults get their chance to shine as well in routines that are as light hearted and humorous as they are mystifying.  The result is a thoroughly entertaining show. 

What makes this a dinner attraction is the all you can eat pizza and the all you can drink beer wine and soda. The pizzas, which are quite good and don’t skimp on the cheese are half plain and half pepperoni and as one disappears another arrives to take its place.  The doors open and food service begins about 30 minutes prior to show time and service continues throughout the show. 

The “Magic Combo” package includes admission to both the show and the WonderWorks attraction and touring the attraction after seeing the show makes for an enjoyable and entertainment packed evening. You can also opt just to eat and see the show, in which case the show becomes one of Orlando’s best entertainment bargains.

Reservations are recommended, especially during busier periods, because seating is limited. The only nearby parking is in the lot of the next door Pointe Orlando shopping mall. Unfortunately, WonderWorks does not validate parking tickets, so expect to pay about or for it, depending on how long you linger at the attraction.

Sleuth Mystery dinner show

Nestled oddly in a suburban style strip mall in the middle of International Drive is one of Orlando’s most enjoyable attractions.  Sleuths presents a rotating menu of a dozen hilarious whodunits served up with relish before, during, and after dinner. 

You may find yourself invited to Lord Mansfield’s Fox Hunt Banquet or discover yourself one of the alumni attending a reunion at genteel Luray Academy.  Whatever the premise, the hilarity is virtually guaranteed, thanks to an ensemble of accomplished (and wonderfully hammy) local actors with a gift for improvisation and the quick comeback.  Most of the fun and the biggest laughs come from the unscripted interactions with the “guests” who are made to feel very much part of the action.  There are over ten different shows served up by Sleuths, so if you find this sort of thing to your liking you’ll be able to return many times before you start to get bored or run out of new material. 

As you arrive for dinner, you will meet some of the cast members ushering guests to their tables and passing hors d’oeuvres. After the salad course, the murder mystery proper unfolds on a minuscule set at the front of the house. 

Do not be surprised if you’re called from your seat to participate in some bit of lunacy. At one show I saw, four people found themselves galloping through the house on make-believe horses while the rest of the audience bayed like hounds.  But, if you are shy, don’t fret as cast members seem to have an uncanny knack for not disturbing those who’d rather not be chosen for “stardom.” 

The humor is very broad, with a healthy dose of double entendre.  The cast members throw themselves into their parts but occasionally drop out of character in gales of suppressed laughter.  Plus the audience never hesitates to pitch in, gleefully pointing out telltale clues that those on stage have missed.  Before long, someone turns up dead and everyone in the cast seems to have a motive. 

Now it’s your turn to play detective.  Each table of eight is asked to name a spokesperson.  During dinner, each table mulls over the clues and tries to come up with one telling question that will uncover some yet unknown fact that will point to the murderer.  Each audience member is asked to write down their solution to the crime, who dunnit, with what, and why. 

Another bit of good news is that the food, while simple, is quite tasty.  The choices are limited, Cornish hen, prime rib, (extra charge), and vegetarian or meatball lasagna. Beer, wine, and soft drinks are poured freely. 

After dinner, the cast reappears and submits itself to the interrogation of the audience.  This is no dry exercise in forensic logic.  Thanks to the expert ad libbing of the cast, the laughter continues virtually nonstop.  Ultimately, the wrongdoer is identified and audience members who guessed right win a prize. 

Sleuths has become so popular that it now supports three separate theaters in its strip mall home.  One of them regularly features a Merry Mystery Dinner Adventure especially for kids aged 3 to 12.  The two show in this series are Faire of the Shire and Juniper Junior.  They offer cameo roles for the kiddies in a mystery that includes magic but no mayhem.  The childrens meal is a marvelous creation called Worms Underground.  A toadstool formed by a pizza atop a ramekin of buttered noodles sits on a green pea grass studded with chicken nugget rocks. 

One indicator of the success of the Sleuths experience is that, by show’s end, the audience feels part of the family.  The cast members graciously thank you for your attendance and point out the valuable service you perform in helping a local business survive and thrive without being owned by Disney or ABC. Hear! Hear!

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