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What is Social Bookmarking?

Friday, October 15th, 2010

What is Social Bookmarking?

Social Bookmarking is an SEO technique to help increase traffic to websites as well as to obtain highly qualified back links. Social Bookmarking is in essence a very useful link building tool.

Not only does bookmarking your sites, articles, profiles, etc help get much needed traffic to your sites, it also helps get the word out to search engines about your site.

What are some good Social Bookmarking sites? A few are Digg, Stumpleupon, Propellar and Reddit which all are highly regarded on the web.

Good bookmarking sites have lots of users so whenever you are looking for a Social Bookmarking site to use to promote your site on be sure to check out what other users are saying.

As part of any successful link building strategy your SEO agency/consultant should always be using popular and high PR bookmarking sites for promotion of your websites and content.

Google Updates Their SEO Starter Guide

Tuesday, October 12th, 2010

It’s been two years but Google has finally updated their very successful and extremely handy SEO Starter Guide. You can find more information about the guide as well as download the guide yourself at the following link:

So, what has been updated? Well, for starters the guide now includes better and more examples to help you understand the content. The guide also includes some SEO tips and suggestions to help optimize mobile sites. Lastly, the language in the guide has been updated to help make tactics easier to understand for the non-initiated.

So, go out there now and download it and give it a read. If you have any questions please be sure to let us know. Download the new updated version here” Updated SEO Starter Guide

Does the Age of a Domain Matter in SEO?

Thursday, October 7th, 2010

It’s a simple question and a complicated answer. The short answer is “yes” but the long answer is that there are a myriad of factors to take into consideration when purchasing a domain.

Sometimes, purchasing an existing, already indexed domain is the right approach, if it’s a domain name you really like. But what if you are considering buying a domain name and have several pre-existing domains to choose from that you like?

There are other factors to consider when determining which domain is the best value for your money. Try to pick the domain that has the most back links. Are any of the domains indexed in popular SEO directories like BOTW or DMOZ? Has the domain ever been dropped? What’s the PR of the domain? What was on the domain before? Is the subject matter of the site in line with what you will be using the website for?

These factors and others should be considered when buying an already existing domain, if you are buying an existing one mostly for any SEO value it might have.

To surmise:

1. Make sure the domain is indexed in Google
2. Make sure the domain has back links and quality ones at that
3. It helps if the content of the site was in line with the content you want to put on the domain
4. Make sure the domain is a .org, .net or .com
5. Does the domain name make sense and do you like it??
6. Make sure the domain hasn’t been dropped or deindexed in the past

Even if all the criteria is met, sometimes registering a new domain is the right course of action. If for instance you are trying to score at the top of search engines for a certain keyword and that keyword domain is available it might make more sense to purchase a new domain with the keyword in the domain name. Doing that might just trump buying an existing domain that doesn’t have your keywords in the title but does meet several of the criteria listed above.

SEO is not easy and there are numerous factors that are involved with getting a site to rank high. It’s best to contact a consultant to assist you in everything from purchasing a domain to helping with laying out content on your site. Every little bit of SEO effort helps.

Twitter and the Future of Location Based Social Networking

Sunday, August 22nd, 2010

With the recent announcement that Facebook was joining the likes of FourSquare and GoWalla with their own Places location based service, will Twitter follow next? If so, what does the future have in store for social networking?

Places was announcement early this week. It’s a service that emulates the location based “check in” services of GoWalla and FourSquare. Twitter announced last year around this time that it too would soon add the ability for users to “check in”, add photos to and possibly even unlock badges and gain awards with each check in.

Now that Facebook has followed suit, many believe that Twitter will shortly go public with their own similar functionality. It wouldn’t take much for Twitter to release a location based features since earlier this year it added the ability for people to tag a tweet with corresponding lat and long, which in essence, is all Twitter needed to do to position itself to compete with GoWalla and FourSquare in the future.

So, what will happen when Twitter releases its GoWalla and FourSquare killer? As in all things in nature, something has to give. I have a feeling that GoWalla and FourSquare will either be integrated/purchased by Facebook or Twitter in the future or they will go the way of the AOL and MySpace dinosaur. With Twitter and Facebook as the two mega Goliath social networks online, it will be extremely difficult if not impossible for any other location based social network to compete.

So, if your business is currently using GoWalla, FourSquare or another location based social network, there isn’t reason to fret yet but you should be seriously looking into also becoming familiar and comfortable with using Facebook’s Places and whatever Twitter ends up coming out with because those are likely the two main location based networks you will be using in the future, not GoWalla and not FourSquare.

Is Twitter Beneficial for SEO?

Wednesday, August 4th, 2010

The short answer is “NO, not at all”. The long answer is “Maybe”.

Promoting your website, service or products using Twitter is very similar to using email marketing to get the word out. You use social media networks to connect, interact, respond to and push out information about yourself and your business. Social Networks, like Twitter, offer a way for you to stay connected to your client/customer base and provide feedback, offer advice or incentives and handle complaints or questions.

Since Twitter is a nofollow site it is not good for building back links and getting pages indexed in Google. However, if you post updates via Twitter you may be able to help your website in rankings if you place your updates on your site. The more relevant, focused content you have on your site the more authoritative your site will be regard as to Google.

Lastly, many indexing services exist out there that will take Twitter posts and host them on their sites. These sites may get indexed in Google and so you can still get some of your Twitter posts indexed by Google in a very indirect but valuable way.

If Twitter is not currently part of your marketing strategy it should be. The benefits are substantial from a marketing standpoint and it just may help you, in the long run, rank a little better in search engines. Good luck

Error 404 Pages and You

Thursday, July 22nd, 2010

I was discussing with a client the need for customized 404 error pages.

The Error 404 “Page not found” is what is displayed when you visit a page on a website and that page, for whatever, does not exist or is unreachable. Without a valid website to display, the server sends a response to your browser that says “404 Page not found”.

The 404 error is an HTTP (Hypertext Transfer Protocol) regular code. The error response usually will indicate that though your browser was able to communicate with the server, it didn’t find what was requested or there was an error when processing the response.

image of a standard error 404 screen

It’s necessary for your website to be setup to display a standard 404 Error page when necessary. Doing so is not only valuable to visitors, who could be given a list of pages or other resources on your site to choose from instead of seeing just an error page, but also having a customized 404 error page is beneficial for SEO. So, if you don’t already have a 404 Error page please make sure your web developer sets one up for you immediately.

Reputation Management: Tip #1

Wednesday, July 7th, 2010

Many potential clients come to us often proclaiming of negative information about themselves, their products and/or services. While reputation management online is not necessarily a straight forward or easy process there can be certain things to take into consideration when deciding on a strategy for handling negative feedback.

First and foremost, if you can secure the services of a good lawyer, do so. You would be surprised at just how easy it can be to let your lawyer petition a website to take down a negative comment about your services or products.

Secondly, the more involved you are online and the more you interact with existing and potential customers, the more easily you can control negative feedback.

How? If you manage the forum where people come to discuss your services/products then you are more easily able to eliminate negative feedback while promoting positive feedback. Plus, having a social presence on forums, Twitter, LinkedIn, Facebook and other large social media networks allow you to interact directly with people about your products and services and also assist to add additional links about you while pushing unmoderated, unfiltered links from other sites down on Google.

Google Caffeine is now LIVE

Friday, June 11th, 2010

Yep, after months of testing, deploying, retracting and finally deploying again Google’s latest algorithm update is live and final across all of its data centers.

What does that mean for you and your site? Well, check all of your keywords and see where you now rank. If you have risen or are seeing the same result, then congratulations. If not, then contact your SEO people RIGHT AWAY and tell them you have dropped in rankings for your website.

Most of the times sites have fallen a few spots is due to spammy or bad bad links. So, it may be wise to ask another SEO company to review your site and SEO back links and give you their recommendation.

We offer just such advice and nond of our clients’ sites have dropped for any of their keywords.

Different Cities, Different SEO Results?

Monday, May 31st, 2010

Yes, it is generally tougher to rank highly for valuable keywords in larger markets it is also tougher. Volvemedia has a few clients in very small markets and it has been generally easy to manipulate and optimize for search engine placement.

Google is smart enough to know that a company specializing in “web design” in Winter Park, FL is not competing with other websites targeting Orlando, FL. We have numerous clients who are located in a metro area of a large city and try to optimize and promote their products/services in the local and metro areas.

We typically advise our clients to promote within the scale of the larger market. So, if your website is based out of a smaller metro area it is in your best benefit to target and market for the larger metro area.

You don’t have an address in the larger city/area? No problem. Get a P.O. Box for the sake of internet promotion and SEO and have your mail forward to your main address through the P.O. Box. This will boost your SEO for the larger metro/city area as well as help target those prospective clients/customers who specifically target businesses in certain areas and cities.

Does Having Active Google Adwords Campaigns Increase Natural Site Rankings?

Thursday, May 27th, 2010

In short, No!

Google states plainly that AdWords totally separate from their search algorithm. Google has insisted that it does not accept money for organic rankings and there are no indications to believe differently.

It seems that monthly we at VolveMedia have clients who ask us “Are you sure they don’t drop our rankings when we decrease or eliminate Adwords campaigns?” If you have the same questions about your website and using Adwords, rest assured that you are safe to change, add or eliminate Google Adwords completely without penalty.