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Best Practices for Online Businesses in Orlando

Tuesday, February 1st, 2011
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by rekkid

Best Practices for Online Businesses in Orlando

Millions of people are searching the web daily for products and services. Only a decade ago people were scared of online transactions, but trends have changed and now a vast majority of the population uses the web to determine new purchases.

This increase in the use of online purchases means every Orlando online business must connect with users on multiple levels with their website. A simple website serving as an online catalog just doesn’t cut it anymore. How can you keep up with new online business trends? Below are few of the elements that can create a strong presence for Orlando online businesses.

1. A great and attractive web design

Design is not everything, but the simple truth is that people evaluate the value of a website within seconds. This requires each online business to have an eye-catching  Website design Orlando that will sustain a user’s interest. The design, while important, is not the only element that draws a user. Correct functioning through navigation, proper linking of pages, simple calls to action and a well-crafted content copy will help to strengthen the perception of your online business.

2. Consistent branding

Branding is presenting the identity and philosophy of your Orlando online business to potential customers. Using branding elements such as your logo, web copy, personal photos, and open support consistently will help create and reinforce your perceived identity.

There are many other factors to successful branding, but the key is to show off the values and ideas that your Orlando business represents.

3. Easy contact methods

One of the major oversights of Orlando online businesses is the lack of contact information or forms on their websites. The most important contact methods are the telephone number and address of the business. These should be easy to find for a user, preferably on the home page, not hidden somewhere in the deep recesses of your website. Another crucial contact method is a contact page for those who wish to communicate with your business enterprise via email.

These contact methods are key to keeping a clear and welcoming dialog between customer and business.

4. Personalization

Photos can help a website’s appeal; however, web users may react negatively to stock images due to their artificiality. Rather than using stock photos, each Orlando online business should take a few photos of their employees, their location, and even some of their best customers, then place them on the website to add real personalization. With a personal touch, people will feel more at ease to do business.

5. Simple e-commerce solutions

Many of online businesses in Orlando throw their customers through loops and disturb the shopping process with clunky shopping carts. A shopping cart can make or break an online business.  Shopping carts should be as straightforward as possible so customers can get in and out easily.

6. Constant contact

Newsletters, emails, and phone calls should be a part of every Orlando online business’s marketing efforts. Staying in touch with customers will build a strong brand perception, keep customers in the sales cycle, and build a stronger relationship. Customers should be thanked for their business daily, newsletters should be sent for news and offers, and phone calls should be used to obtain feedback and support.

All of these elements build a unique and strong online presence for Orlando online businesses. Without these elements, much of your efforts will be in vain. Invest accordingly into your online presence; remember the importance of your customers – build the website to facilitate their needs.


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