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Orlando Sales Club – Orlando Florida Real Estate City Tour

Sunday, December 12th, 2010

Visit website for more information. Small video tour of the Orlando, Florida area and all the Magic. Video of down town Orlando Real Estate lake Eola, the Vue, The Solaire, The Aspire, Eola 101, Waverly, Park Central, Centennial Fountain, Realtor Daniel Coombs Time Lapse Video Photography Apartment Tour of Orlando Florida In 1956 the aerospace company Martin Marietta (now Lockheed Martin) established a plant in Orlando. In 1958, Pine Castle AAF was renamed McCoy Air Force Base after Colonel Michael NW McCoy. Orlando is close enough to Patrick Air Force Base, Cape Canaveral Air Force Station, and Kennedy Space Center for residents to commute to work from the city’s suburbs. It also allows easy access to Port Canaveral, an important cruise ship terminal. Because of its proximity to the “Space Coast” near the Kennedy Space Center, many high-tech companies have shifted to the Orlando area. Perhaps the most critical event for Orlando’s economy occurred in 1965 when Walt Disney announced plans to build Walt Disney World. Although Disney had considered the cities of Miami and Tampa for his park, one of the major reasons behind his decision not to locate in those cities was the threat of hurricanes. The famous vacation resort opened in October 1971, ushering in an explosive population and economic growth for the Orlando metropolitan area, which now encompasses Orange, Seminole, Osceola, and Lake counties. As a result, tourism became the centerpiece of the
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Orlando Sales Club – Luxury Real Estate Lake Nona Golf Course

Friday, December 10th, 2010 Orlando Luxury Homes, property and land to purchase.Learn more please visit our website. Orlando Property Consulting Company Luxury Property Near OIA in Lake Nona Home at This Executive properties includes a pool side view with Master whirlpool tub, Granite Counters in a Golf Community and More… Orlando Florida Real Estate Lake Nona is a 7000 acre master planned community encompassing superior schools, numerous parks, and the renowned Lake Nona Golf and Country Club. Set among lush landscaping and pristine lakes, sidewalks connect neighborhoods throughout the community. Close to the upcoming medical campus, the Orlando International Airport, downtown Orlando and UCF, this great location speaks for itself. Lake Nona is also home to the Northlake Park Community School, recognized as one of the most innovative schools in the country. Realtor Daniel E Coombs PA Property Consulting Company http Strategically positioned to handle the various aspects of owning investment Real Estate, including: ·Sales ·Leasing ·Mortgages ·Home Inspections ·Property Management .Marketing and Advertising .Consulting on Construction & Development Projects `
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Orlando Sales Club – 9500 sq ft Lake Butler Windermere Luxury Real Estate HD

Thursday, December 9th, 2010

Please visit our online store for more info Bridge House Road Windermere Florida 34786 Windermere Luxury Estate Home to learn more please visit our website. Orlando Sales Club Property Consulting Company currently offers over 70 homes for sale. Luxury 9500 sq Home in Lake Butler Reserve Home for rent at 500 per month. This Executive Mansion includes a lakefront 2 acre lot with boat ramp and private pool grotto, outdoor fireplace summer kitchens cabana hardwood floors stone floors sub zero appliances boat dock waterfront property… Windermere was established in 1889, and works hard to retain a small town feel. It was once the hometown of famous professional golfer Tiger Woods. However, many celebrities such as Woods actually live in the Isleworth gated community/subdivision which is actually outside the city limits of Windermere but utilize the Windermere mailing address Transportation Windermere is located in a narrow place between several lakes in the Lake Butler chain. As such, it is on the shortest road route between the east and west sides of the chain. Realtor Daniel E Coombs PA Property Consulting Company Strategically positioned to handle the various aspects of owning investment Real Estate, including: ·Sales ·Leasing ·Mortgages ·Home Inspections ·Property Management .Marketing and Advertising .Consulting on Construction & Development Projects
Video Rating: 4 / 5 Vista Cay Isles at Cay Commons in Orlando Luxury Homes and Condos, property and land to purchase or rent. Learn more please visit our website. Orlando Property Management Company Luxury Property Near the Convention Center District. This Executive property includes community pools, Master whirlpool tub, Granite Counters in a Golf Community and More… Orlando Florida Real Estate Isles of Cay Commons and Vista Cay were built by PULTE homes and nationwide builder with reputation of quality. Vista Cay at Harbor Square, Pulte Homes newest resort rental community, offers hundreds of luxurious condominiums and town homes in Universal Boulevard, Orlando’s newest master planned development. High on style and low on maintenance, these homes are perfect for the laid back life that you’ve now earned. Located on beautiful Lake Cay, adjacent to the nation’s second largest convention center, Vista Cay is just minutes from Orlando area attractions such as Disney World, Universal Studios, Sea World, and the Florida Mall. You can be sure you’ll have the grand kids visiting often! A Tuscan-themed neighborhood on beautiful Lake Cay, Vista Cay offers ten distinctive home designs with open floor plans, two or three bedrooms, and two baths. You’ll find master bedrooms with elegant baths, gourmet kitchens with granite counter tops, and lovely screened lanais. Meet with your neighbors and enjoy a game of Shanghai rummy, pinochle, or poker. Find out who has the winning
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Top Twelve Real Estate SEO Tips

Saturday, December 4th, 2010
orlando seo
by DanWendell

Top Twelve Real Estate SEO Tips

Top Twelve Real Estate SEO Tips

Top Twelve Real Estate SEO Tips

Getting to the top of search engine results pages is such a hard thing to achieve these days and even more so for a realtor.

Do a simple search such as “real estate for sale Orlando” for example and you will be distressed to learn that there are over Twenty Four Million pages on the internet competing for top ten positions in the SERPS (search engine result pages)!

This article is provided so you will find the real secrets of search engine ranking.

It is specifically targeted at Google but will also work just as well for and

Follow these ten techniques faithfully and you will see dramatic results in your position over time for specific key phrases that can convert for your real estate business:

1) Key Phrase Research

Before you do anything else you need to know what people are really typing when they do a search  to find real estate and property for sale in your area.

To find out you need to spend several hours looking through the data provided by Google , Overture (Yahoo) and Bing.

To discover these gems you will need to use such tools as there are available  like the Google External Key Phrase Suggestion Tool and Wordtracker.

I’ll do an in depth guide how to use these tools and determine what you really must know in a future post…

2) The Importance of Key Words in the Web Page Title

Once you know which key words and phrases people are really typing then you should create pages that match those searches and add the phrase itself in the title tag of the web page html coding.

Place your title text in between the two title delimiters:

WHATEVER PHRASE & some other words

3) Meta Tags & Descriptions

In the non visible part of the html page there are elements called the “meta tags” where you may add description and key words relating to the particular page in question.

Notice I said to the page and not to the site?

It is important to always remember that what you are trying to achieve is a higher “page rank” not a higher “site rank”…

Simply use your key phrase that is the target of your effort for the particular page judiciously in the “header” part of the html code for the page i.e. in  between the part that starts “” and ends “”.

Here you will put two tags:

4) Image Alt Tags

Whenever you add an image to a web page you have the opportunity to add some text in what is known as the “alt tag” like:

<img src=””” alt=””WHATEVER” />

5) Key Word Density

Try and achieve a “key word density” of around 1.6% to 2.8% in the visible part of the web page.

To achieve that simply divide the total number of words by the times you need to appear with your key phrase.

( Times Your Phrase Appears / Number of Words )  x 100 = KWD

E.G. Key phrase appears 7 times in a page of 498 words therefore your KWD is calculated:

4/498 = 0.014  then 0.014 x 100 = 1.4 so KWD = 1.4%

6) Key Phrases in URLs

Try to use the phrase itself as part of the Url.


If the phrase is “real estate listings New Haven CO”  then either put the page in a directory called ” real-estate-listings-New-Haven-CO ” and call the page “index.html” or call the page ” real-estate-listings-New-Haven-CO.html”

Alternatively you could also consider buying the domain ” “.

7) Maximize the Value of the First Link

Google reads your webpage like an English speaking human i.e. top to bottom and right to left.

The most important link to Google (the one it gives the most weight to) is the first link on the left at the top.

Many people make the mistake of making this link to “index.html” or similar with the anchor text “home”.

For a realtor the word home can work but better to replace this with your key phrase and make the link to “/” and not to “index.html” (see the next tip!).

8)Avoid Duplicate Content

Google will actually penalize your site for duplicate content.

The problem is that Google cannot tell the difference between a web page at “” and “” and, although they are in fact the same thing, it sees them as two different pages but with the exact same content…

For this reason it is very important not to fall into the “index.html” trap!

9) The Importance of a Good Navigational Hierarchy

Google is very much for making the user experience the best that it can be and for this reason loves a site that is easy for the user to navigate.

To ensure that your site benefits from this preference you need to make the “family tree” of your site very intuitive to use by creating and using  sub categories where appropriate and by then ensuring that the top(s) of each tree have easy to follow links that descend into those subcategories.

Obviously the top of the tree should begin on your index.html page.

Create then a “site map” of all your pages (there are many tools available for free to do this like this one and submit this site map to Google at

10) Competitive Key Phrase SERPS Analysis

You need to understand that the top ten sites that appear in Google’s results do so for a reason (or in reality for several reasons) and that it is because they best fit the filtration system applied by Google known technically as the “algorithm“.

Google applies logic and a convoluted recipe that dates back to its original patent over ten years ago where it scores a page or “ranks” a page based on several criteria (many of which are not overtly disclosed!).

The key to your success is in analysing the results that do exists and reverse engineering the possible “whys?” using diligent research to discover what evidence there exists on the web that could show the “hows” of a particular SERP result…

The most important thing is to know (and to understand) what your competitors are doing to achieve high rankings.

Again there is not enough space here to show all the techniques necessary here but essentially you need to work out what back links the page enjoys and then to reproduce the same quantity and quality of those back links to your own site and then add some more…

11) Good Quality Back links

Perhaps the most important part of SEO is in the development of good quality one way links or “votes” pointing to your web pages.

This is one of the most time consuming elements of search engine optimization as it requires literally thousands of these back links if you really want to succeed and finding thousands of site owners willing to link to you without you offering to link back to them is a very difficult thing to achieve as you can imagine.

Not only do you need to get several of them they also need to come from reputable places and getting the wrong kind of back link can actually lead to getting your site blacklisted in Google if you are not careful.

Do not be tempted to fall for the many offers to “submit your site to x thousand directories” or similar as more often than not you will end up with the wrong links from, very much, the wrong neighbourhood.

The key is to do it yourself or to employ a search engine optimization specialist who knows what they are doing. What you cannot afford to do though is ignore it as it is the area of SEO that can and will make the most difference.

12) The Importance of Video and Virtual Tours for Real Estate SEO Purposes

Making videos and submitting them to the right places can make a huge impact both short and long term to the success of your real estate business.

The success of video sites such as YouTube and DailyMotion to name but two shows just how popular video on the web is becoming. More and more people are expecting realtors to have video and virtual tours on their property listing pages…

The good news from an SEO standpoint is that there are three wonderful benefits of this and they are:

a) Virtual tours really do help to sell listings and can make the difference between buying an MLS listed property through your business or someone else’s..

b) The back link “votes” you can get from the more popular video portals is tremendous and, simply put, the more video/virtual tours you create and submit the more votes you can get…

c) Google, having paid .6Bn for YouTube is actively seeking many ways of incorporating video into its search results and more and more we are seeing videos and virtual tours on the first three pages of results.

(By the way if you aren’t on the first three pages of results you may as well forget it!)

Following these simple yet time consuming techniques will allow you to compete strongly with most of your competitors as long as they are not actively employing the services of a competent SEO specialist (most don’t) and, thus, you should be able to rank highly in time.

Yes it does take time I am afraid but with the correct strategies you can and will  beat your competitors to those elusive inquiries and ultimately to sell more real estate through your web site.

Unfortunately there is no magic wand or silver bullet to achieving real estate search engine optimization but careful research and due diligence will and does prevail time and time again allowing you to seriously generate more inquiries and more sales.

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